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Stacken Computer Club is open for students or employees at the Royal Institute of Technology founded in 1978. We have a clubroom located in the Q-building where we have a room with a sofa, fridge, kitchen and of course plenty of computers. Also we have a server hall where we run several services like storage, email and web pages. The club is a student organization under THS, the official student union at KTH.

The club has plenty of knowledge among its members, we have everything from new students who are here to learn and use the clubroom to study, all the way to older members that have moved on and started to work with everything from programming to administration of large clusters of servers.

Thursday evenings from 7 PM are our traditional day where we meet in the clubroom and build something, debug a problem or discuss something interesting. If you are interested you are always welcome at any thursday evening, knock at our door at the 2nd level in the Q-building. A perfect opportunity to meet us is this thursday, we have a Open House event from 5 PM.


The membership fee (2016) is SEK 116:- (and a voluntary fee of SEK 216:- for people with jobs). We prefer it to be paid through Swedish PG 433 01 15-9. Please, note your username when paying, and don't pay the fee until you have been notified of your status as a member!

In all cases, please be patient! Your application will be taken care of at the next board meeting.

Common questions

What do you do?
The primary purpose of the club is to promote knowledge about computers and surrounding technologies. What do do depends on our active members, it can be everything from lectures and competitions to help with hard to solve problems. We also self host and manage our own services in our datacenter.
What do I need to know?
Nothing, join us and learn.
What about Swedish?
No worry, we speak English.

Membership application

Personal name
Email address
I want summons on dead trees rather than email.
Snail-mail address
Home Phone
Daytime Phone
(if you are a student, please tell us where and what you study)
Preferred username
(mail address in the domain of the club)
City, date
of application
1 + 1 =
(For spam protection, enter the number two here.)


You are free to send questions to the board at

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